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Digital Innovators NFT Market Making Platform

Our management team is the pioneering thought leader in NFT Non-fungible Token offerings having been involved globally with blockchain technologies for years.
We are currently taking some of the most notable global NFT projects in art, fashion, music, sports, collectibles, brands, and even public companies,  into the NFT space using Digital Innovators global brand and influence to create thought leadership and elevating your story and ultimately leading to a successful "drop" of your NFT campaign on the platform. 
We make the market for the top NFT projects globally.
Even NFT and Cryptocurrency  Exchanges tap Digital Innovators to help steer their launch globally. 

Some of the Most Expensive NFTs Sold


Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” a JPG file which sold for $69.3 million at Christie's


TIME Magazine Sells ‘Is Fiat Dead?’ NFT Cover for $130,000, so far the most expensive digital magazine cover sold


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet NFT sells for $2.9 million


CryptoPunk #7804, a computer-generated avatar of a teal-colored, pipe-smoking alien wearing a hat and sunglasses, was sold for $7.57 million, setting a record for the highest amount paid for a punk along with CryptoPunk #3100 which was sold at $7.58 million.


Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple's "Crossroad" video gets resold for $6.6 Million


NBA Top Shot digital cards: LeBron James’ iconic dunk is most expensive at $250,000

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The Digital Innovators show is created and produced by The Soho Loft Productions for The Soho Loft Media Group.

Digital Innovators TV is a 30-minute one-on-one interview-style television series highlighting three to five leading industry and thought leaders actively involved in bringing cutting-edge digital and technological innovations to life.

Each week the show covers a unique trending topic and is led by a guest host who is highly respected in their field of expertise. In addition, each of the 3-5 selected companies will also receive a Digital Innovators TV Award nomination as part of an annual awards show.

Filmed in Long Island, NY, the series airs on Fox Business channel as sponsored content, with an additional opportunity for selected guests to be filmed in NASDAQ’s Times Square Studio in NYC. To garner maximum attention, each show is promoted using national television teasers leading up to their broadcast.


    One-on-one interviews led by guest hosts who are highly experienced in their field of expertise


    Leading insights from thought leaders who are bringing cutting-edge technical and digital innovations to life


    Shows are filmed at Fox studios in Long Island and at Nasdaq studios in NYC


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Liron Artzi has over twenty years of experience in film, television, music, multimedia, business development, corporate sponsorship and consulting. 
As VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for MMG, Artzi distributed Warner Brothers media across Asia and sold the first English language picture to the Chinese market. As Director of International Distribution for Bauer Martinez International under MGM, Artzi was responsible for financing and distributing pictures with Richard Gere, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Burns, Josh Jackson, and Paul Rudd.
As VP of London International Television in New York City, he Produced and financed the Business Profile Series for CNBC, working with the CEOs of ING, Fortis Investments, Ford, Coca-Cola, Getty Museum, Umbro, Adidas-Salomon, and Nike. At Connex, Artzi put together a business consulting and media program to help companies increase business by pairing them up with qualified investors at professionally curated events. 
Artzi was the CEO of The Soho Loft, a luxury destination and premier event space that hosted such clients as Nike, America's Next Top Model, Clearchannel, Barbara Walters, NBC, and a Milla Jovovich feature film. Artzi headed up all media and entertainment investment opportunities for LDJ Capital, where they launched the US version of Prestige Magazine, the #1 luxury publication in the world. Artzi formed LA Creations and consulted with JH2 Media to develop content for a live streaming media to mobile platform. 
Working with Rock Nation, Live Nation and CAA for live concerts, he also developed audio/video greeting cards with Beyonce and Liverpool, FC and developed a sports segment with the NFL for live streaming. Artzi also consulted with Hamptons Studios and Produced a private Crosby, Stills and Nash Live concert and a Matisyahu Benefit concert in Manhattan. In 2015, Artzi teamed up with Dylan Ben-Israel to create Storyteller Entertainment, a global finance, production and distribution company that creates unique film and television co-productions. 
Liron Artzi is a graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology.

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Dallas SantanaExecutive Producer

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Liron ArtziExecutive Producer

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